Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Girl With The Golden Touch

First day back at school. Well.

It wasn't too bad. We started off with getting our timetables (Drama last thing on a Friday! That's terrible!) and going through all the rules and stuff. Then we went into assembly.

Mrs Featherstone (our headteacher) started by telling us how awful we were, and how badly we went into the hall. Then she went into a rant about how we're the oldest, most responsible year group now. That was boring. Then she told us all to walk out slowly, so she could check our 'standard dress' (uniform.) She was pulling people out for wearing combat trousers, jeans, black trainers, too much makeup, too many bracelets, air too long, smile too wide... But I managed to walk straight out wearing corduroy jeans, Converse trainers, huge eyeliner and about 50 bracelets! I was proud of myself!

Next we went for lunch. We all stood outside our (very little) block with lots of people in the lovely sun, and had a lovely time. Then we went to ICT, which was boring.

Next comes the best bit. Are you ready? Prepare yourselves... (No sarcasm, by the way!)

We went up to Science, and after much confusion, ended up in E7 having Biology. We didn't actually do any Biology- we just listened to Mr Bishop going on about exams and other boring stuff. But then he got out his results book and told his he had our Physics results back from last year.

I got 40/40 on both tests. Equalling two A*s. (The best grade you can get) =D

Overall, all of my exam results averaged out to a B for Year 10 (4th Year.) That was only because I did badly in one exam, which I should be able to resit. So I might be looking at an A for half of my Science grade!

That grade made me so excited I had to remind myself how to breathe whilst jumping around E7.

That's all for now, folks. See you soon xxx

Monday, 3 September 2007

Singing 'Here We Go Again'

Well. Last day of the summer holidays. Back to school tomorrow, to begin my fifth and final year of High School. I'm terrified. =]

I'll be turning 16 in 6 weeks, which'll bring a whole lot more responsibility. It does mean that I'm legally allowed to do more things- like get stuff pierced- but it also brings mock exams, real exams, lots of hard work, revision (that I still haven't quite got the hang of) and friends. Trying to keep friends happy, even with the stress we'll all be under.

Looks like I'm headed for an interesting year.

This Summer. Wow. Made some new friends, found some old ones, lost one or two. Read four Harry Potter books. Been bored senseless, or had the best fun I've had in ages. I didn't have a theme song this year, though.

I think I'm going to miss Summer. I'll go back to school, get shouted at for not doing my coursework (for very good reason!), get told I'm the oldest in the school now, have a lot of responsibility, have life changing exams coming up... I can see myself slipping into a huge stupor.

Oh well. =]

I've had a good summer. My birthday to look forward to now!

Lots of love xxx

P.S. Auntie Leeta, The Sonic Hearts is on Friday. I'm still not sure i we're going, but if it's still alright, could I have the money this week? If we end up not going, I'll of course give it straight back! Thank yooou =]