Monday, 27 August 2007

My Fingertips Are Holding Onto The Cracks In Our Foundations.

Oof, 'ello! (Title: Kate Nash - Foundations)

Well, I've not spoken to you lot in a while! Sorry about that, it being Summer holidays and all. =]

First of all, you should know that Lee and I broke up tonight. I'd rather not go into it right now, but I'm alright. He took it okay, too. =]

Right then. I got back from London yesterday. (Yes, again!) I had an amazing time. Ask Mum- I must have used the word amazing at least 10 times on the phone to her!

I stayed at Kelly's house Friday night, and we were up and out by 9 o'clock Saturday morning. We slept for the first bit of the journey, then woke up just as we hit roadworks! The slower we drove, the more excited we got.

Finally, at about 1/4 past one, we arrived at the (wrong) hotel. Three minutes drive up the road, and we found our bigger, better hotel. We were back out and walking to the tube within the minute! It took us a while to work it out, but eventually we were on our way to Camden Town.

Here I am being terribly over-excited in Camden Market. In my sunnies and Kelly's hat. =]

We were there for a good 3 hours. I absolutely loved it. I found the shop my prom dress is coming from. They were all big gothicy dresses with huge underskirts. I also bought a new dress and some boots to match. I have great pride in my new, bright blue, boots. I shall put a picture in a minute.

From Camden, we went back to the hotel to wash our sweaty selves and get prettied up for going out to dinner to...

Hard Rock Cafe! Of course the queue was an hour and a half long, but we were allowed to go sit and wait in the bar. And what else would you expect for Hard Rock Cafe on a Saturday night?? There's me and Kelly, in the queue, in our new boots and my new dress. What do you think? I have a better picture of the dress, but Mummy said I look like a tart in that picture, so I won't post it... =D

A sign in the window of the restaurant- it made us laugh!

Me and Kelly at the table- I thought it was quite nice, and that it was my duty to share!

After the meal (and after I found an abandoned staff card and claimed it) we got back on the tube and went back to the hotel. My new boots were absolutely killing me (took the skin off the back of my ankle. It was the last pair, and the right boot had been on display) so I was more than glad to be able to get to the hotel bar and whip them off. Kelly and I then went to reception with a 'free stuff' list:


The guy behind reception dutifully found everything we needed, and we went back to where Kelly's mum, Jackie was sitting. I presented her with a plaster for where her strappy heels were digging into her foot, and I thought she was going to cry, she was so happy! She was so pleased with her present of a blue plaster, that she said I was lovely and could definitely come again!

On the way back up to our room, Kelly and I found a Ben and Jerry's ice cream dispenser. I took no haste in finding £2 and buying a pot of Cookie Dough ice cream. Yum. So off we went to bed, made a cup of tea, watched some Channel 4, and were asleep by 2am. =]

The next morning, we met Kelly's parents in the lobby and packed our bags into the car. We walked round the corner, and split off for breakfast: them to a nice little Cafe, and us to McDonald's! I had an egg McMuffin and hash brown (evidence below!) and very nice it was, too. (Also below, our choice of below-the-knee wear!)

After breakfast, it was on the tube and away to Waterloo... Where the London Eye stands.

That wasn't amazing. It was beyond amazing. I absolutely loved it. Standing underneath it, it was massive.

It was quite scary looking up at it! The weather here was quite overcast and cloudy. It cleared in about 5 minutes though, just as we were getting into our pod! Here's a string of photos taken from various heights over London...

I very much urge you all, if you get the chance, to go on here. Even if you're scared of heights- get over it and go! It give the most amazing view of London. It's seriously amazing. AMAZING!

When we got off, we took a leisurely stroll down the street next to the Eye. There were performers all the way down on both sides, and was great fun. On our journey (ice creams in tow!) we saw several "statues", one or two guys with guitars, an old man on a harmonica, a man with no head, and a Captain Jack Sparrow! (And a picture of Kelly and I with the Eye in the background.)

Back on the tube, through a number of different stops, until we finally arrived... On Oxford Street! It was scorching hot, and packed. But we still managed to love it! After about 3/4 of an hour, though, our feet were killing us and my shoulders were going pink. After one desperate search for Primark (we didn't find it) we took cover in Topshop until it was time to go home.

Soon enough, we were fast asleep in the car, and I was home by 7. All in all, I had a wonderful time, and can't wait to go back. I love London!!

See you all soon

Monday, 13 August 2007

Livvie's Celebrity Lookalikes

I gave up trying to do this for my face: It just gave me loads of Chinese men! Look who they reckon Livvie looks like though...

And Mum's *LAUGH!!*

And Grandpa!!

If you want to try, just click it. =]


Friday, 10 August 2007

In Reply...

I was going to put this in my comment box, but it just got too long!


He won't want to put a skirt on- he put it on the other day at band practice the other day because his jeans were too hot, but he wouldn't let me take a picture!

He's got 3 or 4 little chunks of purple round his head- it's gone kind of pinky/purple though, but he doesn't seem to mind!

Auntie Tina, the dye that I've used doesn't need bleach underneath. I don't know how it does it, because it's semi-permanent with no bleach in it, but the dye sticks to the hair without any need of any preparation!

As for dying hair blue or green, those dyes don't work. For some reason, the blue pigments in hair dye only stick to white blonde hair, and wash out very quickly. Do you not remember when Livvie had a red and blue stripe in her hair for holiday? The blue was gone within the first few days of being in the pool, whereas the red stayed in for most of the holiday.

Two of those gigs are before my birthday: The Sonic Hearts is in September. I'm very much hoping that either Donna will phone me to ask me to babysit (and then give me that £5 she owes me from last time!) or that I'll discover where Daddy keeps his money tree!


Thursday, 9 August 2007

Hold On To Your Lover, Baby

Good afternoon!

I'm sat here doing nothing, so I decided it's probably time for a new blog. Not that I have very much to say...

We went to see Hairspray last night. I recommend that everyone not only goes to see the film, but gets the soundtrack, too. It's just such a feel-good, happy film! Not only that, but the lead boy, Link (played by Zac Effron), is just GORGEOUS. We took my friend Vicki, and every time he came onscreen, she grabbed my arm making 'oof!' noises! We all came out singing and dancing, it was really good.

Lee's coming round in a minute, for me to dye his hair. He's having it bright purple...! He's also bringing his gamecube up, in promise of 'special treats': a creme egg and a hot chocolate with a biscuit! Bless him, he's quite poorly with an intestine infection so can't eat quite a lot of things. So I'll use up my chocolate supply on him!

What gorgeous weather we've been having! I'm so pleased summer's finally picked up. Of course, it won't be long until autumn (which brings in my 16th birthday: yay!) comes around again, and it starts to get cold, again, but at least we can finally enjoy the glorious sun!

That's all from me now, I think.

Ooh, ooh, I almost forgot! Three, yes three, of my favourite bands (The Sonic Hearts (from which the title of today's blog comes) Madina Lake and Hellogoodbye) are all playing shows near here! True, this will cost me a bit of money, at around £10 a show, but what with all the babysitting I've been doing, and two of those gigs being very close to my birthday, I should be able to afford it. Madina Lake are playing in Nottingham, which is a slight inconvenience, but I'm hoping we can figure something out!

Now, that really is it. Tata!

Love xxxx

Thursday, 2 August 2007

I Got Sunshine In A Bag!

Good evening, all!

Ahh, what a day! Firstly, we went to get Lee's glasses. He later posed in my new trilby and his glasses especially for you lot. Ready?

Mum reckons he looks like a girl. I think he looks dashing. Hehe!

Before that, we'd been up to Lee's to play Pikmin. It's this fab game on his Nintendo Gamecube (or something) where you have all these little leaf creatures collect stuff for you and they're so cute and I love it!

Anyway, after all that, we got on a bus to town. It took an extra 20 minutes because of all the stupid roads being shut and all the stupid diversions. When we eventually got there, though, we went into Primark and got me a new black jacket (Finally!) that cost me half of my month's allowance: thank goodness for babysitting! I also saw a trilby that I had to have (modelled above by Lee) and didn't get any footless tights or a belt, like I was supposed to. I then wrapped myself up in some red skinny jeans that I couldn't afford, and left the shop pouting.

Lee reckons I'm going to grow a magic money tree and be able to get them- or that Mum'll have a random spout of generosity and go into the Primark in town near the tram stop, go towards the stairs but go right instead, end up by the stand by the window, and not only buy me the red skinnies, but the purple and blue ones, too, in size 14, at just £10 each. =]

After getting a custard doughnut from Gregg's, we went onto Meadowhall and dropped off some CVs and application forms. Having filled out my first Early Learning Centre form wrong, I had to send Lee to get me another so I could do it right. Thanks to Grandma (and no thanks to Mum, who was in Lidl at the time!) I managed to fill in all the blanks with all the right information! So I went to drop that off, and gave the nasty people in Ernest Jones my CV. (They disapproved of me when I got the form. They were nicer when I handed it in!) By this time it was half 6, so we had half an hour to wander round, which we did, with no complaining from Mr. Lee! Although we did have to go look at Xbox games for the hundredth time this week, and look at a load of pretend cars...

At 7 o'clock, we went to Mama Amalfi. That gorgeous Italian restaurant on the top floor of Meadowhall. We shared a starter, had a main course each, and then just about managed to share a banoffi pie. All that, plus drinks, came to just under £30- and Lee payed the lot =D It was nice.

We had 20 minutes before we needed to go for the tram, so we wandered some more: for half an hour. We annoyingly missed the tram by about a minute, so had to wait for the next one. The driver conveniently wanted a fag so this tram set off ten minutes late., meaning we were behind by twenty minutes, meaning we missed the bus. Most annoyed, we decided to stay on the tram and get off at the terminal where we could catch up with the bus. We had to sit and listen to some tram ticket lady telling her friends, very loudly, how much she 'effing hates effing people, especially them effing kids, and it's this effing jobs what's done it!' She was fat and ugly, too.

As we got off the tram, we noticed the bus we wanted wasn't parked where it usually was. So we crossed the road to check the times on the bus stop, and every bus that could have brought us home had been taken off, due to the floods and closed roads!

Many telephone calls and false car journeys later, we established that we were, in fact, stranded in Middlewood, at ten o'clock at night. The next tram back to town wasn't for another twenty-five minutes, and it was dark, in one of the dodgiest places we could be.

In the end, we speed-walked into the centre of Hillsborough and managed to get the bus before it turned off onto the diversion. All in all, it was nightmarish!

However, balancing this with the rest of my day, it was a good one. I'm now a very happy bunny, and shall stay fluffy until Lee perhaps stops letting my play on his Gamecube.

Ohh, one last thing. Livvie and I were looking through her room earlier (the stuff she's got hidden away... A broken carrier bag, tied up with the handle of said carrier bag, containing a broken something (I forget) and her old hairbrush.) looking for her beret. I opened a drawer and saw an interesting looking ball with holes in...

Yes, that is a ball full of bugs. Yummy, I'm sure. Apologies for the quality, it's a video off my terrible phone. =]

That's all from me: nighty night!!