Monday, 13 August 2007

Livvie's Celebrity Lookalikes

I gave up trying to do this for my face: It just gave me loads of Chinese men! Look who they reckon Livvie looks like though...

And Mum's *LAUGH!!*

And Grandpa!!

If you want to try, just click it. =]



weechuff said...

I tried, but can't get the site to work. I found my five lookalikes, but it wouldn't go any further:0(

Beetle said...

HA HA! It doesn't work with my browser. Maybe that's a good thing eh? :O)

weechuff said...

Actually, the Kirsty Young picture resembles your mum quite a bit!!

Spider said...

Hahahaha, I will try. Try a better one of your dad and see if it comes up with Richard Bryers! Tinaxxx

Spider said...

Hi Em

Can you tell me where I go from this point:- Right I have my photo and all the look alike but cannot see anywhere that I can click to put it on to my blog! I can email it to a friend but that just gives them the link to take a look. Please help
Auntie T xx