Friday, 10 August 2007

In Reply...

I was going to put this in my comment box, but it just got too long!


He won't want to put a skirt on- he put it on the other day at band practice the other day because his jeans were too hot, but he wouldn't let me take a picture!

He's got 3 or 4 little chunks of purple round his head- it's gone kind of pinky/purple though, but he doesn't seem to mind!

Auntie Tina, the dye that I've used doesn't need bleach underneath. I don't know how it does it, because it's semi-permanent with no bleach in it, but the dye sticks to the hair without any need of any preparation!

As for dying hair blue or green, those dyes don't work. For some reason, the blue pigments in hair dye only stick to white blonde hair, and wash out very quickly. Do you not remember when Livvie had a red and blue stripe in her hair for holiday? The blue was gone within the first few days of being in the pool, whereas the red stayed in for most of the holiday.

Two of those gigs are before my birthday: The Sonic Hearts is in September. I'm very much hoping that either Donna will phone me to ask me to babysit (and then give me that £5 she owes me from last time!) or that I'll discover where Daddy keeps his money tree!



Sindie said...

Yes Tina, this new bright red semi-permanent hair dye is totally amazing. I told Emily it would never work without bleach when she first used it and we were amazed. It is the most absolute red hair colour I have ever seen. AND it's semi-permanet so doesn't damage your hair!

Beetle said...

What money tree?.....where?......I want some :O)

About the blue dye.... Did you know that blue light is much the same. Any other colour light will drown the blue out - strange but it does appear to be a weaker colour. Red seeming to be the strongest.

weechuff said...

Not to worry Emily. I will happily pay for one of the tickets for you when the time comes - You are only young once, so enjoy yourself while you can:0)

Spider said...

Hi em,

That is amazing about the depth of the dye on untreated hair, wow.

I can also agree with the blue, I have many a time spent an age getting the colour's all fading into each other and looking great, only to return home from a day in the sun to find the blue gone and the look destroyed!

Where is the photo of the hair then?

emilyyy said...

There's a girl who works in Lush (a natural products beauty type shop) who has blue hair whenever I see her. She gets her dye from a site on the internet, and she says it stays in ages. I emailed the company, but they never got back to me. =[ And I'm sorry, I forgot the picture! He's got some "purple" chunks all over the place, I'll photograph it tomorrow!

Grandma, you would officially be my favourite person if you would pay for one of the gigs! If I can go to The Sonic Hearts (depends whether I can get anyone to go with me!) could you pay for that? *is very excited!!*


granny grimble said...

How would it be if I gave you £10 for your birthday, to help towards another gig? If you need it before your birthday, so long as you don't expect it twice, thats fine. I agree with Grandma. These are the memories you are laying down for the future, and you'll only be sweet sixteen once! XXX

weechuff said...

Of course I will. Remind me when you see me tomorrow and I will give you the money. Don't just suddenly ask me for it on the night you are going, because I may not have it on me!!

granny grimble said...

Emily, why didn't you acknowledge my comment that I left on 11th re your birthday?

Kroch Herry said...

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